Discover This 11 Sights in Malmo for Free

Enjoying the Scandinavian lifestyle for free.

Photo by Pontus Ohlsson on Unsplash

This Scandinavian city will gain your heart immediately.

In my Scandinavian tour in March, I had the chance to visit Malmo, just before the pandemic started to spread in European countries. It was the calmer city that I have ever walked in and I was impressed.

You know what they say “Enjoy the Scandinavian living” and I did. The city is a green oasis, with beautiful buildings and a nice view of the sea.

And yes, Scandinavians have a sense of style. I do not know if all of them buy their furniture from Ikea, but on my way through town, I peeked into their homes. What a pleasure was to see libraries filled with books, nice pictures hanged on the wall, stylish chandeliers and floor lamps, and beautiful pieces of furniture, all put up together like there was a design showroom. Such an inspiration!

Before starting my trip to Malmo I did my homework, like any conscientious tourist. Being on a budget I had to make my plans to fit into my budget, so I choose some museums, the one I was interested in, that required an entry fee and for my savings, I choose some sightseeing that will combine my passions for photography and architecture, with no money.

After my research and unbearable leg pain, I found 11 places that you can visit in Malmo for free and enjoy it.

#1. Pildammsparken

The park is 20 minutes walk from the city center. Great for photography making, bird watching, and walking practice enthusiasts.

#2. Kungsparken

Enjoy the walk between canals and greenery. This park is like a forest cut down and set in a city.

#3. Scaniaparken

Close to the seashore and Turning Torso. Great place for photography enthusiasts and a beautiful sunset at the Baltic Sea.

#4. Malmo City Center

Photo by John Flygare on Unsplash

A walk into the historic center to embrace the old times.

For budget travelers, the prices are a little bit spicy if you want to enjoy yourself a meal or a glass of wine in the city.

#5. Turning Torso

Photo credits: Around with A

Is the tallest building in the Scandinavian Peninsula.

Prepare your camera for some instagramic photos of the tower. Tip — take photos on a cloudy for a more dramatic look.

#6. Station Triangeln

Img.1 Photo credits:; Img.2 Photo credits: Around with A

The entrance of the train station gives you the impression that you are inside a cave. The architecture is impressive and it fits perfectly into the landscape of the square, because of its size and shape. The futuristic image offered by the station surrounded by old buildings is wonderful.

#7. Malmo Konsthall

Photo credits: Around with A

The Malmo Konsthall ( Art Center) is a place designed for exhibitions where tourists and locals can enjoy in their free time. The building was attached to the old brick construction, combining 2 styles in harmony.

The main hall where the exhibitions are held is very bright and spacious.

” A large, low concrete box open on the park and the light of heaven ” — Klas Anshelm, the Architect of the building.

Malmo Art Center hosted, over the years, national and international classic and modernist exhibitions from well-known artists such as Van Gogh, Paul Klee, Kandinsky, Juan Miro, and Giacometti.

#8. Malmo City Library

With over 1 million visitors every year, Malmo City Library stands out with its architecture and utility. A building with a glass facade, which offers brightness and the idea of spaciousness. Like the Malmo Konsthall, The Malmo City Library is attached to the old brick building.

Photo credits:

The bookstore is integrated into Kungparken, offering a view to nature and gives the feeling of calm when study.

#9. St. Petri Church

Is a stylish Gothic church which can be found on the streets of the historic center of the city. The brick facade is well integrated into the urban landscape, but when you step inside, kind of tells you that that the inside and the outside were not synchronized. The outside gives you an old look, but the inside renovation is too new and modern. I appreciate a Gothic church that has been kept to its old features, not transforming it into a modern edifice.

#10. Spectral Self Container

Photo credits: Around with A

The Spectral Self Container is crafted cast aluminum, painted in bright colors that give a note of happiness to the area. The paint that was used is resistant to salt and humidity.

This sculpture represented Sweden at Shanghai World Expo in 2018.

#11. St. Caroli Church

The St. Caroli Church is next to the Triangeln train station. If it happens to be in the neighborhood you can combine these 2 places.

“Travel and change of place impart new vigor to the mind.” — Seneca

I am glad that I managed to improve my days of isolation with memories from Malmo. Who knows when we will travel again. At the end of the day, only the memory will live in our minds and souls.

What I learned from the Scandinavian lifestyle is that their calmness and beauty will make a little bit jealous. I noticed how much they respect nature and the city and it kind of makes me think why can we inspire from their lifestyle? Maybe some of us are with our heads elsewhere forgetting to enjoy what is beautiful. I know I am.

Going over this side part, Malmo had an impact on me. I enjoyed every second of this city and amazed at every corner. Being accustomed to a life in chaos and noise, Malmo was a dose of fresh air.

Corporate travel agent&future travel blogger. Still trying to find my inner voice. Photography enthusiast, asian food addict, art seeker, animal lover.

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