How Copenhagen is a model for sustainability

Copenhagen, where architecture, sustainability, and tourism are reunited in a single place.

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Copenhagen, a youthful city, known for promoting sustainability and green energy, influenced by the fact that the inhabitants understood how important it is to create a clean and healthy environment. For this reason, the City Council has set the main goal to become the world’s first city carbon-neutral by 2025. Finger crossed for Copenhagen!

The most recent and impressive project that has been developed by the City Council is a recycling center that has on the roof an artificial ski slope. Practically, this building combines industry, in a sustainable way and fun, because residents and tourists can use it for recreational purposes.

Photo credits: Around with A

I visited Copenhagen 2 weeks before Covid-19 happened. By the time I arrived there the cases has risen to seven hundred, but nobody was worried. The pubs, clubs, and streets were crowded with tons of young people seeking for fun.

Skipping this part, I had the chance to visit the most interesting sight in Copenhagen, an artificial ski slope, built on the roof of a recycling center. How crazy and wonderful is that? The name of this impressive construction is Copenhill, which is the first waste-to-energy power plant in the world that is capable of converting 440.000 tons of waste into clean energy, enough to deliver to 15 000 homes. This building beats the imagination.

Photo credits: Around with A

When it comes to entertainment, the structure serves for climbing, hiking, playground, and fitness area, in the summertime, but during winter the landscape is changing into a 500 m ski slope ready to be used. Everything about this Hill is memorable starting with the base from where the trail begins to the top, up to the viewpoint where you have the chance to admire the industrial area and the city. Also, if you do not have ski equipment, you can borrow one from the ski center located at the bottom. The slope is equipped with a ski lift. It has practically all the elements to feel like you are in a ski resort.

Photo credits: Around with A

The most interesting thing is that on the way to the top are patches, with plants, trees, and flowers that beautify, which gives you the feeling that you are walking into a park. There is no entrance fee for visiting this architecture paradise and at the top, there is a bar, a cross-fit area, and on the facade, there is an 85 m high climbing wall which is the tallest in the world. For those who do not want to use the stairs to get the top, they can use the elevator, which is an opportunity to see the actual recycling center inside.

Photo credits: Around with A

Overall, this massive architecture “sanctuary” is proof that some countries like Denmark consider the importance of taking actions to fight climate change and the carbon emissions that threaten for over half a decade. This is also proof that architecture is trying to reinvent according to current problems and that it is commendable. I hope to see in the future more projects whose main theme is sustainability.

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