Let’s Get Less Noisy and More Healthy

Big cities are not for silent seekers.

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How many of you had the sensation that the place where you live has become more lousiest? I do. The continuous progress of society and the rush has transformed us into a loud specie. The human is a noise creator and in the end, it will affect all of us.

I live in Bucharest, the capital of Romania, which is one of the most polluted cities in Europe. I am not talking about air pollution, but also noise pollution. The traffic is the main reason why the city is so loud. Precarious infrastructure has led to this result of having a noisy city. The constant value measured during the day is 75–80 dB, even higher, due to outdated trams, old cars, motorcycles, ambulances, construction sites, and the constant noise of horns. A delightful sound!

Now imagine what is like to live in a city where noise is everywhere. A complete nightmare!

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According to the World Health Organization, sound levels less than 70 dB is not damaging to living organisms, if the human is exposed for a short period. Exposure for more than 8 hours to constant noise beyond 85 dB may be hazardous.

For a pleasant environment, the outside level noise can not exceed 45 dB during the night, 55 dB during the daytime. The inside ambient must be around 35 dB inside during night time and 40 dB during the day.

But what happens when the actual level is higher? In a longer period, the brain is starting to repress these noises and it associates it with a stress factor. We are starting to feel overwhelmed and tired. Our sleep quality decreases, feeling a constant noise in our ears, which will induce insomnia.

Over time, noise pollution can cause some serious damages in your system, like hypertension, hearing loss, sleep disturbances, various cardiovascular disruptions, dementia, psychological dysfunctions, negative social behavior, and impaired work performance. Our body will associate the noise with nervousness and we will start to feel more irritated.

Your relationship with others begins to change because you become more stressed and annoyed. Your work can be disturbed by noise, especially when your workplace is near a crowded area, or just passing a noisy area before starting your day can cause headaches.

Sensitive people tend to be more anxious, to feel the need to isolate. Some of them refuse to leave the house because this could raise the stress level.

An unusual thing is that some residents are not that annoyed by the noise. They even say that is not disturbing for them because they can nor hear it. So, what’s up with that? They are not feeling it? Maybe they are not considering that noise pollution is an obstacle in living their everyday life, but they will feel the repercussions in time wondering if this is the reason.

These days rush is the main topic of every human that lives in a big city. We rush to work, home, even when we go shopping or take a walk in the park. This rush has been imprinted in our minds and we always feel that we do not have so much time for ourselves or family. Maybe, this is the reason why we feel trapped in a loop, trying to get out. Maybe this affects the human mind and people are becoming louder.

What can I say, noise pollution is present in every big city in the world, but to make a comparison, I have traveled to many cities in this world, but I didn’t have the feeling that I need a break at every 10 minutes. Bangkok was, even more, lousiest than Bucharest, two years ago. Maybe things have changed.

Sharing your thoughts with the community, explaining why is important to have a quality living in the city, why we need to focus on becoming more responsible and understanding can change their point of view.

Protecting the outside environment can have a beneficial effect on our lives because being mentally and physically healthy can improve society. People will start to feel happy and calm.

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But what can we do to protect ourselves from this constant stress? First, change comes from the community. If people understand that noise is an obstacle in developing a healthy lifestyle, then my goal is reached. Second, enjoy activities that help to find inner peace, like yoga, meditation, your happy place, like reading a book in a quiet corner of your house. Find alternative roads to avoid crowded areas, take a walk in the park at nightfall, when the city is calmer or travel to calm places in your city or outside. Go hiking in the nature to recharge your batteries. That’s what I do. Nature always helps.

I do not accuse society for becoming more lousiest, but think for a second, it is worth destroying a community for a fad? Maybe some of you will contradict me, but I will like to stand for a better life. It is the only way we will be happy and fulfilled. The world deserves more and it is our duty to change it.

Corporate travel agent&future travel blogger. Still trying to find my inner voice. Photography enthusiast, asian food addict, art seeker, animal lover.

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