My Secret Relationship With Vintage Shops

This is my new way of traveling.

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“The best way to look stylish on a budget is to try second-hand, bargain hunting and vintage “— Orlando Bloom

I have been a fan of vintage stores for a long time. In high school, I had my first interaction with this type of shop and I enjoyed it. I felt like I was good at something.

I heard a lot of stories that you can find treasures in them, but I have never believed it until I lived it on my own “skin”.

Being a fashion “addict with a limited budget, I decided to update my garderobe. I do not characterize myself as a shopaholic but I get excited when I have to buy something. I don’t make a habit of it, but women have to buy something every season.

Recently, because I have some extra time to kill, I started to take turns to vintage shops near my house to find treasures.

This type of shopping has developed my interest in consuming less. We all know that if we choose to buy used clothes, practically we become aware of the problems that our planet is going through.

The fashion industry is one top polluters in the world. Some of the fabric that they use harm our ecosystems. The huge amount of resources that they use in a single clothing item is gigantic.

So in vintage stores, you can find things that you can turn into something wonderful or clothes which have never been worn.

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I started last week this so-called journey to find the second hands in my area and I discovered that there are a few near my home.

I realized that rummaging through piles of clothes made me feel so calm and peaceful. These moments are priceless. You forget everything around you. You focus your attention on every piece of clothing that you find.

You know what they say — shopping is like a therapy — buy only in vintage shops. Malls give me a sense of restlessness.

I spent an entire day walking and looking for special items of clothing. I was not sorry. It was a productive day.

Well, I found good pieces of clothing. My wardrobe was to be refreshed with some wool and cashmere sweaters. All at a bargain price.

When I got home I told myself that I will never buy new clothes because you find everything you need to create an enviable wardrobe.

In my head there were already outfits for each piece, combinations to create the perfect balance.

Maybe it’s just my beginner enthusiasm.

I don’t judge people when they think like that, everyone is free to dress where they want, but we have to think about the future. The more the better.

I was not the type of girl that spent a whole day in the mall and going through every shop that comes to my way. I get bored quickly and tired. But vintage shops give me a certain feeling. You will never know what you will find, while in the mall stores you see all the products at a glance.

Maybe many of you will find yourself in these words. Who knows.

My passion for fashion, even on a low budget, and protecting the environment combined very well. These strange times teach us to reorient ourselves to other sustainable ways and cheap alternatives to dress up well and feel comfortable.

My motto is — dress comfortable and you will feel pretty — .

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Corporate travel agent&future travel blogger. Still trying to find my inner voice. Photography enthusiast, asian food addict, art seeker, animal lover.

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