Why you should consider visit this 2 cities after the pandemic

From Salvador Dali to Game of Thrones.

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Yes, there are two reasons why you should start planning a trip to Catalonia, Spain. Reason number 1 is Figueres and reason number 2 is Girona, 2 small cities, close to Barcelona that is worth visiting. Here’s why.

Catalonia, a province in Northeastern Spain, also known for its famous city Barcelona and the seaside coast, Costa Brava, but also the land for this 2 beautiful settlements, Figueres, known for being Salvador Dali’s birthplace and Girona, a well preserved ancient citadel that will conquer your heart in 5 minutes.

Figueres is a small city in Girona Province, Catalonia, close to the French border and also known for hosting the Dali Theater Museum, which is very famous among art lovers. The museum was an old theater that was destroyed by a fire during the Spanish Civil War. Being a symbol for Figueres, Dali convinced the Mayor to rebuild the theater and to restore its beauty.

The museum is a piece of art! Every corner is filled with Dali’s masterpieces. You can see from the entrance the style that has launched Dali in the world of artists. He was exuberant and nonconformist. This museum will amaze every art lover that enters the world of Dali. The construction is going to amaze you and it is just the beginning. The outside walls are painted in red, which stands out, on the roof margins there are eggs, which are related to his home in Catalonia, and between them are gold-painted statues, which symbolize hope and love. The imagination of Dali exceeds limits and you feel like you participated in several theatrical scenes, which is the reason why the museum has this name.

Photo credits: Around with A

The entrance opens with a small courtyard, where the walls are embedded with gold statues. In the middle of the courtyard, there is a Cadillac which is symbolic because, figurative speaking, is going to be the vehicle that will drive you through Dali’s world and imagination.

Entrance of the museum; Photo credits: Around with A

After first interaction with Dali’s art, the second one starts in the next room wherein center of attention is the famous painting Gala Contemplating from the Mediterranean Sea, where if you look closer you will see a naked woman standing, but if you walk away to the other side of the room you will see the portrait of Abraham Lincoln. This is going to blow your mind!

Photo credits: Around with A

The piece of resistance is the portrait of American actress and singer Mae West, made of furniture. The pieces of furniture are arranged to look like her face.

Photo credits: Around with A

This museum has the largest collection of Salvador Dali’s works, from paintings to holographic art, jewelry, and anamorphic art. The Spectre of Sex-appeal (1932), Soft self-portrait with grilled bacon (1941), Poetry of America — the Cosmic Athletes (1943), Galarina (1945), etc.

The second destination on our list is Girona, located half an hour from Figueres, also a small city in the north of Catalonia. The city has its roots from ancient times and it is very well-preserved, being very popular among day-trippers. Girona is known to have been a movie set for Perfume: The story of a murder and the famous TV series Game of Thrones (season 6).

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A simple walk through the city is enough to discover the things that Girona has to offer, from parks with secular trees, to streets full o history and beauty, instagramic places and colorful buildings. Wander around the ancient streets of Girona for an excellent perspective of the city. Also, visit the roofs of the citadel and enjoy the spectacular view over the town. The photographs speak very clear what a wonderful place in Girona. You just have to get lost on the streets and you will be amazed.

Photo credits: Around with A

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